Sunday, 28 March 2010


This absolutely cracked me up!!!! Maybe I should persuade h2b to give this a try????

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Monsoon dress....

Tried on an amazing dress today in Monsoon!!! It was really plain, knee length and had loads of bead/pearl embellishments on the kneckline, and the drop back. Very pretty, just loved it!!! Best of all, only £160.00.
Click here to see it:

Wedding dresses...........

The most important decision I have to make about the whole wedding is which dress??????? Everyone always says that when you find THE dress you just know, but I'm frightened of going in blind in case the dress of my dreams proves difficult to find, so here's what I think I'm looking for......

  • Mid length

  • White or pastel coloured

  • Embroidered or detailed on the skirt

  • Pretty

  • Strapless or thin straps

  • Fitted

  • Probably a sash of some description

  • Light, floaty material
Although I'm open to suggestion when me, mum and the girls go shopping for it, I like......

Friday, 26 March 2010

Peacock shoes!!!!

Loving these shoes on etsy. They are hand painting on silk shoes. I think they are absolueley stunning and totally unique. Perfect if I decide on a peacock theme (Mum's favourite so far) They are priced from $80.00-$115.00. My bridesmaids could have similar designs too. The great thing about getting them handmade is you can ask the designer to create them to your exact needs.

Peacock theme......

Here are some inspirational pictures for this theme:

General ideas board, I love the wedding dress, I might not have white, and go for a pale colour like this as I think it would suit my skin tone more, and I love the idea of using feathers as decoration in the napkins and wreaths.

I loved these invitations from, they are really elegant.

My favourite past of this theme though is the feather bouquet, my mum is very crafty at these sorts of things and I know she would make me a beautiful bouquet.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Edinburough Zoo.

So far this is my favourite location. I just love the idea of doing something a bit different from the norm.
We've decided on a small intimate wedding so we would choose theMacmillan Lounge, which is on the first floor of the manor house looking out onto the zoo and the Pentland Hills. The room itself is a lovely wedgewood blue and grey with intricate decorative plasterwork. They offer unique wedding entertainment in the form of a 'zoo safari', where you can choose different areas of the park and get guided tours as part of your wedding package!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Welcome to Munyip gets Married. This is my blog about planning my wedding to James who proposed to me on December 30th 2009. It was a very romantic propsal and I LOVE my ring. Very excited about becoming Mrs Crossman.

So far not that many plans made but my mum has been fantastic and has really helped me eliminate some of my more dodgy ideas!!!!! The only thing I'm sure about so far is that whatever scheme, venue or dress I choose, me and my mum will handmake alot of things ourselves and hopefully have lots of fun doing it!!!!!