Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Morrocan Themed Favours and Invitations.

Here are a couple of wedding favour ideas to go with my Morrocan inspired wedding.
I love these little pill boxes placed on a rich coloured napkin with a thankyou card. They could contain a little piece of hamemade jewellery/ homemade cufflinks.

Or this chocolate bar with our names and date of the wedding on is great too. I could make these sleeves myself and put them on a normal chocolate bar.

This incense wrapped in beautiful eastern inspired paper would make a great favour too.

Love this invitation, it's so elegant and detailed. The colour is perfect for this theme and I love the way the envelope opens and the wax seal.

I thought this was an unuual invite because of the way it opens. I love the pretty detailed pattern printed on it.
I love these little elephant place name holders, they are so cute.


  1. the elephants are so you. I love the beautiful vibrant colours and you would have a field day with all that paper.

  2. I agree with Mama, this is my favourite theme of all of them. I think you would be able to make it really spectacular!

    Also, the vibrant colours would work for both me and Tinky.

  3. love the idea of homemade jewellry and cufflinks as favours, again so you.